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The best way to get to know the Bachelor’s programs at Tilburg University is by visiting our campus and meeting our students and staff. However, if you live far away or do not have the opportunity to visit us, you can still meet us online and get a virtual taste of the program and the university. We have several different ways available for you to get to know us online.

Experience a week as a student

Currently only available for Economics and for Econometrics and Operations Research

Would you like to experience life as a student at Tilburg University? Then take part in our online student experience and find out if this is a program that suits you. Get a glimpse of what your week might look like as a student of this program. Watch the lectures and take an exam to see if you have understood what was explained during the lectures. You can get started right away, as there is no need to sign up. Please note: videos don’t always work in all browsers. Internet Explorer should work!

Get in touch with our students via e-mail

What is it really like to study in Tilburg? What can you expect of this program? Who better than our students to tell you about their experiences with their program and studying at Tilburg University. Feel free to ask them any questions related to Tilburg University and student life you may have! You can choose to connect with a student from your from your own country, speaks your language, or someone who is studying the program you are interested in.

Join a webinar

A webinar is a session which is livestreamed: the presentation is given live on our campus, and you can tune in at the same time from the comfort of your own home! Tilburg University regularly organizes webinars and virtual sessions that you can take part in. Afterwards, we make the recordings available online. You can find an overview of scheduled webinars and existing recordings on our webinar page.

Watch our video lectures

We have recorded a number of lectures over the years for you to enjoy online. Not every program has the same amount of videos available, so feel free to poke around. We will expand this over the next months. All online lectures can be found on the ‘virtual events’ section at the bottom of each program page:

Check out our campus

Take the opportunity to get to know the campus where you may possibly study! Tilburg University campus is situated in a wooded area. It is compact, lively and easily accessible. The campus offers a modern library and e-learning centers across campus: a state-of-the-art study and work environment.

Our campus also offers facilities to relax and unwind. We have various restaurants and coffee corners on campus, including a Starbucks. Just 5 minutes from our campus you will find our Sports Center, which offers a variety of indoor and outdoor sports.

In the online campus tour our students will show you around. Choose a location on the map or select one of our students, and then click on the corresponding videos. Do not forget to take a virtual tour of Tilburg city center as well!

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