Bachelor Theology

Career perspective after BA Theology

With a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Tilburg University, you will qualify for several Master’s programs.

After successfully completing a Master’s degree, you are fully equipped to work in the private or public sector, in education or in the Catholic Church. Since our School is recognized by the Holy See and can therefore award canonical degrees, Theology in Tilburg gives you a head start.

Our graduates have attained different prominent positions in a range of different careers. Can you already see yourself as a manager at a bank? Perhaps the (semi)-public sector suits you better and were you born to be a policy advisor at a government ministry or to be a teacher or headmaster at a school. Or how about a career as a pastoral caretaker in a hospital, in the army or in prison? With a degree in Theology from Tilburg University, the possibilities are endless.

Supporting your future career

At Tilburg University, our support goes beyond academic learning. We are dedicated to prepare you for your transition to the job market. We do this by making sure you will learn the necessary skills and by offering a large array of career services:

  • There is much space in the curriculum for your career as a Theologian
  • Student Career Services offers coaching, support, and training courses to improve your job application skills and communication skills
  • During your studies and up until a year after your graduation, you have access to our Career Portal: a digital marketplace for internships, graduate studies, work assignments, and both full-time and part-time jobs
  • Several career events are organized every year in collaboration with study associations in order to familiarize yourself with the job market and to meet potential employers

Pastoral Ministry and Spiritual Care

Theologians often work in pastoral ministry in a parish. If you want a job in a function connected to the church, it is strongly advised to follow the Bachelor in Theology in Tilburg, followed by the three-year Master's Program in Theology. Theology at the School of Catholic Theology is recognized by the Holy See and by the Dutch Bishop’s Conference and can therefore award canonical degrees.

Many graduate theologians have a position in chaplaincy/spiritual care in a healthcare facility, in the army or in prison. They also often come to work as a policy maker in the nonprofit sector, such as in the welfare work or in a non-governmental organization (NGO).

Teacher or PhD

After the Bachelor’s Program in Theology you can choose the Master’s Religious Education Academic Teacher Training program, which will enable you to gain your first-degree as a teacher. Other professions in education such as identity counsellor in primary and secondary education or academic staff at a university are also possible. After completing Theology, you might also apply for a PhD-position at the university.


Theologians are found everywhere in society: as an advisor in business and in politics, as a journalist in various media, as a manager in a (sustainable) bank or company.

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