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Program and courses BA Theology

Theology has a variety of interesting topics for students who like to reflect thoroughly about people, society and the Christian faith. We offer you a well-balanced curriculum with biblical exegesis, church history, systematic theology, spirituality and practical theology. You become competent in reflecting from various disciplines such as history, philosophy, literature and social sciences.

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Structure of the program

The first year gives you a good overview of all the important disciplines in theology, so you get a reliable picture of the entire study. You start studying Greek and Hebrew. In the second and third year, you will study the courses more thoroughly and the source language Latin is added. You can also go abroad as an exchange student for the electives.

First Year Content
Second Year Content
Third Year Content
Theology in part-time

You will find a detailed description of the courses and required literature in our course catalog.

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Please note: programs are subject to change. We advise you to look up the current program in OSIRIS Student at the start of the year.

Obtaining a canonical degree

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology has permission of the Holy See to deliver canonical degrees, namely a bachelor's, licentiate or doctor's degree in Sacred Theology. Tilburg School of Catholic Theology is also entitled to deliver the bachelor's and licentiate degree in scientiae religiosae. All theology students can obtain these degrees, on top of their regular Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Theology. In order to get the Sacrae Theologiae Baccalaureus (STB), the bachelor students must opt for the following courses in the electives:

  • Fundamental Theology: Ecumenics and Theology of the Religions 
  • Dogmatics: Nature, Sin, and Grace
  • Moral Theology: Christian Ethics in a Secularized Society
  • Canon Law (Advanced)
  • Philosophy: Nature and Culture

Why Tilburg University?

  • You can choose between a three year program (full-time) or a five-year program (part-time).
  • Tilburg School of Catholic Theology has educational locations in both Tilburg and Utrecht. In Tilburg you can follow the Bachelor’s program in English, in Utrecht the bachelor is taught in Dutch.
  • Because of the small groups, there is a lot of interaction between students and professors. As many of our students have different backgrounds (Catholic, Protestant, secular) our discussions and contacts are very lively.
  • The institutional fee for tuition fees for the Bachelor's program in Theology is very attractive. The institutional fee for EU-students at the TST is always equal to the statutory fee. This makes Theology as a second study program very attractive.

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