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Get to know Tilburg University - Orientation Webinar for Bachelor's programs

Are you curious about the experiences of international students like you? Join our Orientation Webinar led by our international team and discover what it is like to study at Tilburg University! It is your one-hour introduction to studying in the Netherlands, the city of Tilburg, and our university. Learn about our international community, what international Bachelor's programs we offer and ask our current students any questions you might have! The webinar takes place from 10:00 until 11:00 CET.

For whom?

The Get to know Tilburg University Webinar is for all prospective international Bachelor’s students who want to know more about studying at Tilburg University and our Bachelor’s programs. Are you still researching your options on where to study? Or are you not sure about what direction to go into? Then this webinar will be a good fit! It is also helpful to those who want to more about studying in the Netherlands.

What to expect

  • The interactive webinar takes an hour.  

  • Discover what the Netherlands has to offer and what it is like to be part of our international community at Tilburg University. 

  • Get an overview of our international Bachelor's programs

  • Hear firsthand from our international students what it is like to study and live in Tilburg. 

  • The chance to ask all your questions during a live Q&A. We know moving to another country to study might be a big step, so ask away! From questions about living in the city of Tilburg and its student life to student experiences at Tilburg University and other study-related questions. 

What not to expect

  • During the webinar, we are unable to answer specific questions about your personal situation regarding immigration or your personal application status regarding your application and admission process. For specific questions, please contact us through this contact form

  • In the webinar, you will not get specific information about each Bachelor’s program. If you already have an idea of what you want to study at Tilburg University, we recommend you visit the Bachelor’s Open day where you will get this in-depth information.

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