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Why The Netherlands?

  • The Netherlands stands out for its great inventiveness, its problem-solving attitude and its openness to the world.
  • For decades the country's historical ties with other parts of the world have brought people of non-Dutch origin to settle in Holland, which makes the Dutch generally open-minded and tolerant towards foreigners. Today Dutch society is home to more than 190 different nationalities living in its many cities and villages.
  • Although Dutch is the national language, the majority of the population also speaks English and very often another foreign language, such as German or French.
  • There is much cultural and ethnic variety in the Netherlands. Many religions are represented, so whatever your belief is, you will find a group that shares it.
  • The climate is typical of a marine west coast: changeable but moderate, with mild winters and cool summers. Days with temperatures below 0 or above 25 C are unusual. Clouds and wind are common features. The annual rainfall is moderate but unpredictable.
  • Despite being reserved, the Dutch have a manner of speaking that may startle you by its directness. You will notice that you can say exactly what is on your mind, as the Dutch are not easily offended.
  • Dutch society is organized in a non-hierarchical way. For example, teachers tend to be very accessible and true interlocutors for their students.
  • The Dutch tend to be less competitive than many other Westerners. High value is placed on teamwork and consensus.