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Why Tilburg?

  • Tilburg is the sixth largest city in the Netherlands. It has a population of over 200,000, representing many nationalities.
  • Tilburg is rightly proud of its reputation as a center of learning: A student population of over 27,000 makes Tilburg one of the Netherlands' principal educational centers.
  • The city has a great deal to offer for young and old, student and visitor alike: a thriving café and restaurant culture, sports facilities, art films, world-class pop music at pop center 013, classical music at the Tilburg Concert Hall and great contemporary art work at the De Pont Museum.
  • Combined with numerous festivals such as the famous Tilburg Fair and Carnival, the Festival Mundial, the Tilburg Ten Miles and the Tilburg Culinair, you will enjoy an exciting and challenging student life.
  • There is also much to see and do just outside the city. It is just a short train ride to cities like Amsterdam or The Hague and European capitals like Brussels, Paris and London are also within easy reach, since Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, Zaventem Brussels Airport and Eindhoven Airport are nearby.