Tilburg University education

Participation and entrance requirements Contract Education

Contract teaching is open to
  • People with a general interest in a particular subject who want to expand their knowledge.
  • People who are working in a field related to the course of study and who want to take a refresher course.
  • People who want to take courses as part of the colloquium doctum program from the Law School, subject to the written approval of the School.
  • Graduates of Tilburg University (alumni) with knowledge vouchers who wish to further their knowledge in order to make themselves even better qualified for the job market. Apply for these vouchers (worth 12 ECTS credits).
  • Pre-Master's students who want to take extra course(s) on top of their Pre-Master's program.
Contract teaching is NOT open to
  • People who wish to take a program of study as listed on the Dutch Central Register Courses in Higher Education (CROHO) and/or who wish to obtain a degree certificate.
  • People who are registered as a student at Tilburg University in the current academic year or who were registered in the previous academic year, with the exception of the above mentioned alumni participating in the knowledge voucher scheme.
Entrance requirements
  • You will be able to take courses from the Bachelor's programs as long as you have a pre-university school certificate (Dutch VWO or equivalent) or a first year professional education certificate (Dutch HBO). On your request the examination board of the concerning School may deviate from these requirements.
  • You will be able to take courses from the Master's programs as long as you have a Bachelor's, Master's or an equivalent qualification. On your request the concerning School may deviate from these requirements.
  • It is possible to take educational components from the Law School colloquium doctum program, on the basis of a written approval from the Law School examining board.
  • The Practical Thesis for the Post-Master's in Accountancy requires a written approval from the Accountancy examination board. Please contact Mw. Jeanette Dekkers first: pma@tilburguniversity.edu