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(de-)Registration contract education

Admission requirements and courses available

Before you register, first consult the Entrance Requirements.

Not all courses are open to contract education by default, please refer to the courses available.


You can register for contract education by means of a contract form.

In order to have access to all study facilities available on time, this form with the necessary appendices must be submitted well in advance (approximately 4 working weeks) of the start* of the course. It is also possible to submit the form later (until 2 weeks after the start* of the course), but if this has consequences for following the course (for example because you do not yet have access to all the facilities) then these will be at the expense of the student. This is not a ground for deregistering (see Termination).

The starting date is the date as stated in the My Timetable. For more information about the courses see, OSIRIS Catalog.

If you want to register for courses at two or more different Schools, please fill in a separate contract form for each School. Separate administration costs will be charged for each form.

Registration will always take place on September 1 or February 1, possibly with retroactive effect.

Deviating registration procedures

For the University Entrance Exams in Law, students must first apply for permission from Tilburg Law School. See the website for more information. Once you have received a letter of consent, you can register as mentioned on this website. A copy of the letter must be submitted at the same time as the contract form.

Process of registration

In order to be able to register and take part in contract education, you go through the following steps:

  1. Download the contract form
    The fully completed and signed contract form with, if applicable, the required attachments (such as a copy of your passport or knowledge vouchers) can be handed in at

    The Student Desk, Academia Building A301 or send to
    Tilburg University
    attn. contract education, room A 307
    PO Box 90153, LE 5000 Tilburg

    You can read on the form which attachments you may need to add.
  2. After the university has received the form with attachments, your details will be included in the student administration system.
    The university will then send you an e-mail with your student number, your account (login) details, and your e-mail address. From that moment on, you will have access to the university network and you can, for example, already register for the course you want to follow.

    The university usually communicates with contract students via their private e-mail address, but you should also check your university mailbox!
    If you have not received the account information and/or you have (other) questions about your account or about logging in, please contact  IT Support.

    Please note that even if you now have access to the university network, your registration is NOT complete.
  3. Thirdly, the university sends an invoice, also via e-mail. For more information, see the page Fees and Methods of Payment. After the university has received the amount due, the registration can be processed administratively.
  4. As soon as this process has been completed, you will receive a proof of Registration by e-mail.
  5. Every (new) student at Tilburg University is entitled to one University card free of charge. You can apply for the card online. If you already have a student card, it will remain valid.
  6. Finally you must, in order to be able to follow the lectures, also register for the course or courses in question via OSIRIS student.

For education-related information such as admission, course material, etc., you can go to the OSIRIS Catalog or to the Student Desk.

Termination/change of registration

Irrespective of the time of registration, your registration as a contract student always ends automatically on August 31 of the current academic year.

Therefore, you do not need to take any action and there is no question of an automatic renewal of your registration.

You may only terminate your registration prematurely and/or change it under certain conditions. The main rule is that the registration can still be terminated or changed up to 14 days after the start of the course, after which it can no longer be changed. The starting date is the date as stated in the Catalog. Exceptions to this rule are possible.

For more information, see the Terms and Conditions of Contract Education.