Exchange programs

Tilburg University welcomes hundreds of international exchange students each year. These students come to Tilburg within the framework of ERASMUS agreements and bilateral agreements with universities all over the world.

What happens after I submitted my application?

Once we have received your application, we will register you as an exchange student and process your course requests. The application form will be temporarily closed for you. If relevant documents are missing, you will receive an e-mail from us with further instructions.

Acceptance letter

An acceptance letter will be sent to you once your application has been reviewed. This means you are officially accepted as an exchange student at Tilburg University!

After that, we will notify the Tilburg University Immigration Officers of your acceptance. If necessary, they will contact you directly by e-mail to inform you about the visa and/or residence permit application procedure.

Your study plan

It is possible that the verification of your proposed study plan will come through before you are accepted, but verification usually comes at a later stage. During the verification phase, you will be able to check the status of your proposed study plan via the ‘view status’ option in your application account.

Final Study Plan

Once your proposed study plan has been reviewed and the course schedules have come online (this will be around Mid-August for Fall and Mid- December for Spring) you will receive a short period of time to re-assess your courses and make the necessary course changes. We will inform you about this by email!

This is Step 12: Final Study Plan in our online application. On this page you are able to to make changes to your study plan, in case you are not admitted to some of the courses you intend to follow, or if you experience a clash in time schedule. It is very important that you first create your timetable and add only courses that fit in your final study.

Instruction videos

  1. Finding courses in the ESG
  2. Finding your timetable in the ESG
  3. Logging into the Individual Student Portal
  4. Checking your courses in your Personal Study Guide
  5. Group registration in the Personal Study Guide
  6. Group registration with COMAP
  7. Checking your personal schedule
  8. Registration for Blackboard courses
  9. Registration for exams

Do you still have a question?

If you have any questions about your application, please first use the Information button (the green letter i) at the top of each page of your online application. If that does not answer your question(s), you can contact us by e-mail.

If you are experiencing any technical problems when working on your application form, please contact us at Please include a print screen to explain the issue.