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Instructions to complete application

Below you will find instructions how to fill in our online application form.

  • The green text boxes are compulsory fields and need to be filled in before you are able to submit your application.
  • After you have completed a step, you have to click the button 'save' and continue.
  • Every time you complete a page successfully, you will see a red tick before that particular step.   
  • If there is no red tick the step is NOT completed fully, so you will need to add something in that step.
  • If you encounter problems or are not sure what a particular field means, you can find the online help pages by using the Information button (the green letter 'i') at the top of each page.
Step 1: Personal Details
Step 2: Address Details
Step 3: Educational Background
Step 4: Language Proficiency
Step 5: Proposed Study Plan
Step 6: Nomination Form
Step 7: Supporting Documents
Step 8: Additional Documents
Step 9: Review
Step 10: Submit your Application

What happens after you have submitted the exchange application?

Please read more on this subject on the webpage After submitting the Application?