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Study at Tilburg University with ENGAGE.EU

Students of ENGAGE.EU partner universities can study virtually at Tilburg University. Follow a module or course to be part of a virtual, international classroom and exchange ideas with students from different countries while continuing your studies at home!

Courses and Modules at Tilburg University

Apply to follow 1-3 online courses from the ENGAGE.EU Course Catalogue / Online Exchange Initiative in Fall 2022 semester. To see the Tilburg University course offer visit:

ENGAGE.EU Courses Fall 2022 

Apply to follow the Bachelor or the Master ENGAGE.EU Module at Tilburg University in 2022-23, thematic packages of 3-4 courses spanning two consecutive semesters. For detailed information on the modules visit:

ENGAGE.EU Bachelor Module 2022-2023 Futures of Europe

ENGAGE.EU Master Module 2022 - 2023 Just Transition to a Sustainable Society


ENGAGE.EU is an alliance of leading European universities in business, economics, and the social sciences, which aims to provide European citizens with the set of skills and competencies needed to tackle major societal challenges of the present and future.

Its partner universities are:

  • University of Mannheim | Mannheim, Germany
  • NHH Norwegian School of Economics | Bergen, Norway
  • LUISS Guido Carli | Rome, Italy
  • University of National and World Economy | Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Université Toulouse 1 Capitole | Toulouse, France
  • WU Vienna University of Economics and Business | Vienna, Austria
  • Tilburg University | Tilburg, the Netherlands

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Application process

Application period

1 June - 1 July 2022

Application documents

  1. Completed application form 
  2. E-mail to studyabroad@tilburguniversity.edu containing:
  • a recent confirmation of enrollment at the home university,
  • a recent transcript of records of the home university (in English), and
  • if applying for a Global Law course (part of ENGAGE.EU course offer, not modules), a motivation letter per course (see prerequisites in course list).


The selection will be based on an evaluation of your overall academic performance (transcript of records), the motivation questions in the application form, and, for Global Law courses, on the motivation letter per course. Partner universities have to confirm their students’ admission to Tilburg University’s course(s). There are quota of max. number of ENGAGE.EU students per course.

Should you get admitted to all courses of a respective ENGAGE.EU Module, you will be able to receive the module certificate. In case you will not get admitted to all of the Module's courses, you may still attend those Module courses you have been admitted to as individual ENGAGE.EU courses. You can attend a maximum of 3 courses.

Course registration

Once enrolled at Tilburg University, you will have to register for individual courses you are following via OSIRIS Student/App. You will receive instructions how to register from the Study Abroad & Exchange Team before the start of the semester.


Course Offer - What can I apply for?
  • You can apply for the Bachelor or the Master module. You may have to indicate which courses specifically you want to follow from the module.
  • Alternatively or additionally, you can also apply for up to 3 courses from the ENGAGE.EU Online Exchange Initiative offer. 
  • Tilburg University courses not included in the ENGAGE.EU offer are not available for ENGAGE.EU participants.
Requirements - Am I eligible to apply?

Enrollment status

  • You need to be registered at your home university for fall 2022 semester to be able to participate in ENGAGE.EU courses at Tilburg University listed via the link. You need to be registered for the entire academic year 2022-23 to be able to participate in an ENGAGE.EU module.

Study level

  • To follow Bachelor-level courses/modules, you need to be enrolled in a Bachelor program at your ENGAGE.EU home university, ideally with a minimum of one year of full-time studies completed (60 ECTS). To follow Master-level courses/modules, you need to be enrolled in a Master program at your ENGAGE.EU home university.

Academic prerequisites

  • Students need to meet the prerequisites of the courses/modules at the start of the semester. Prerequisites are listed in the courses/modules overviews. In addition, admission may generally subject to approval by course coordinator and capacity in course.

Examination mode

Some courses in our 2022-23 offer can only be offered with an exam on campus at Tilburg University. ENGAGE.EU partners will facilitate a distance exam at your home university for this. This is not available for students of NHH, meaning you cannot follow the modules, but can pick courses from the course overview that indicate a different examination mode.

Application period - When can I apply?

Eligible students from ENGAGE partner universities can apply between 1 June and 1 July 2022. All applicants will be informed about the outcome by 25 July 2022.  Students will be able to register for courses in time for the start of fall semester classes on August 29, 2022.

Costs - Are there any fees or expenses attached?

There are no tuition fees or administrative fees for participating students of ENGAGE.EU at Tilburg University. Please note that you have to bear the costs for any course materials and books if a course requires it.

Scheduling conflicts - How do I find out?

You should check ahead of the start of classes for scheduling conflicts with (1) other ENGAGE.EU courses at Tilburg University, (3) courses at your home institution, and (3) courses at other ENGAGE.EU partners that you will be attending in the same semester. Only courses in one module do not overlap.

The fall 2022 courses schedules will only be published in the course catalogue around mid-August (spring 2023 courses in mid-December). (1) Click on “Courses”, (2) search for your course, (3) click on “Schedule” in the upper right corner of the course view, (4) see the weekly scheduling for classes and potentially additional working groups by clicking through the week schedule.

Exam dates will be published later in the semester. Please also read under "Important dates academic year 2022-23" for exam and re-sit periods you should be available for.

In case of earlier course registration deadlines at home, we advise students to also plan to register for sufficient classes at their home university in case of unexpected scheduling conflicts with the Tilburg University course(s)/module.

Important dates academic year 2022-23

Fall 2022

Start of Classes*

29 August 2022

Block 1

end of August - October

Block 2 October - December
Exam Period** December 2022 - January 2023

Re-sit Period**

January 2023 and mid-June/July 2023

Spring 2023

Start of Classes*

30 January 2023

Block 3 end of January - April
Block 4 April - May

Exam Period**

May/June 2023

Re-sit Period**

mid-June/July 2023

* Some courses do not run for the entire semester, but are offered in blocks (quarters of approx. 7-8 weeks) which is indicated in the ENGAGE.EU course overview. 

** Period dependent on School (faculty). Individual exam dates to be confirmed in the timetable information. Mid-term exams may be given by lecturers outside of exam period. Block courses may have exams at the end of the block, not the semester.

The academic calendars for Tilburg University and its Schools (faculties) indicate the dates of each teaching block and semester in more detail:
Tilburg University Academic Calendar(s)

Transcript of records

At the end of your ENGAGE.EU virtual exchange, you will receive information on how to request an official transcipt of records from Tilburg University. For credit transfer questions, please check with the ENGAGE.EU coordinator, mobility office or your study advisor/examination board at your home institution.

Credit Transfer - Can I let my TiU results count at home?

Most universities require their students to apply for credit transfer/course approval in advance of following courses at a different institution. For credit transfer questions, please check with the ENGAGE.EU coordinator, mobility office or your study advisor/examination board at your home institution.

We encourage you to apply for ENGAGE.EU courses/modules even if you do not have approval from your home university yet at the time of application. In case you then want do drop an ENGAGE course/module at Tilburg University because it will not be recognized by your home institution, please see "Changing your plans - Who do I inform?".

Change of plans - Who do I inform?

Once registered for a course, students can deregister via OSIRIS Student/App. Please also write to studyabroad@tilburguniversity.edu and state which course/module you will not be attending. If you are already attending a course, you must inform the lecturer. You should also inform any students you may be in a working group with.


Please contact the Tilburg University Study Abroad & Exchange Team if you have questions:

Contact for ENGAGE.EU University Campus at Tilburg University:

Ms. Anna Rathert


+31 13 466 2801

Would you like to learn more about a physical exchange semester at Tilburg University?

Please visit Incoming Exchange Program