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Mattie Project

S4S collaborates in the Mattie project of social organization Contour de Twern in Tilburg. The S4S role models can sign up to become a long-term Mattie. A Mattie is a student who, for a longer period of time, is committed to making the transition phase from primary to secondary education easier by coaching pupils in this crucial period.

Guidance is given to pupils in group 8 of primary education and in the first year of secondary education (with a possible extension to two years). The Matties in this project are supported by the Mattie project manager and coordinator (both employees of R-Newt/Contour de Twern).  

The aim of the Mattie project is to increase the intrinsic motivation of youngsters for education and to reinforce important aspects involving the academic career, e.g., social skills and insight into learning styles and processes). The Mattie supervises two pupils a week, which costs five hours a week; Matties are paid a reimbursement of € 10 per pupil per week. By mutual agreement, it is possible to supervise one pupil per week. This project is also open to students of the Outreaching program.

For more information mail to: s4s@tilburguniversity.edu

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