Tilburg University Junior - Wetenschap op de basisschool

Diversity in the classroom

In order to foster awareness and appreciation for different cultures and languages in children early on, S4S cooperates with schools in and around Tilburg to set up lessons in which our volunteers can make a positive impact as role models for the children. Particularly volunteers who come from less than privileged backgrounds (i.e., migration background, first-generation university students, students who grew up in poverty) can tell the pupils about their story, their home country, and their experiences.

Through this rapport, the children will be able to gain new and interesting knowledge about a country they may never heard about. Furthermore, through seeing a role model with the same situation as them, they may feel empowered to strive for the academic level they want, regardless of any challenge. And lastly, they will naturally learn to use their English skills through communicating with someone who maybe doesn’t speak their language, making it a fun challenge rather than a chore.

For more information mail to: s4s@stichtingmove.nl

Rolemodel Mohammed about inequality of opportunity (dutch)

Mohammed is studying at the pre-bachelor of Tilburg University. As a refugee he suffered many setbacks and despite that he never lost sight of his goal to become a doctor. This inspiring story shows that inequality of opportunity still plays a role in our society. By sharing these inspiring stories we hope to make this discussable at the university and in primary and secondary education. 


Rolemodel Racheal about diversity (dutch)

Racheal was adopted from Ethiopia by Dutch parents and grew up in Etten-Leur. Because she grew up in a white environment where diversity was not discussed, she experienced a lot of uncertainty. A trip back to Africa made her realize that her background is an enrichment, a strength. With her story she wants to make the theme of diversity discussable at the university and in primary and secondary education.