Academic Pre-Bachelor application and admission

After the Language and Preparatory Program

If you successfully complete the Language and Preparatory Program, you will receive the civic integration diploma from the Dutch government and a pre-Bachelor's certificate from Tilburg University. After that you can start a study program at a Dutch university or university of applied sciences. You can directly enter a Bachelor's program at Tilburg University.

Studying at Tilburg University 

The Language and Preparatory Program has good agreements with the Tilburg University Schools. This means that, at the end of the pre-Bachelor’s, you can enter a Bachelor’s program at Tilburg University. This applies even if you do not have the right diploma; the certificate of the pre-Bachelor’s is proof that you can enter a Dutch- or English-taught Bachelor’s at Tilburg University. Tilburg University offers programs in the field of “people and society” such as economics, data science, law, communication, and psychology. 

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Studying somewhere else

Do you want to study somewhere else after the Language and Preparatory Program? Then the certificate is an advantage, but not a guarantee of admission. We will do our best to make sure you are admitted. 

Do you want to take a study program that requires additional courses, such as physics, chemistry, and/or biology? For these courses, we work with Boswell Bèta. We make a plan together with you and with the municipality, so you can take the courses at Boswell Bèta in Utrecht and take the official exams. This usually takes an additional year. 

Are you interested in the Language and Preparatory Program at Tilburg University?

  • The municipality where you live enrolls you for the Language and Preparatory Program.
  • So make your interest known to your contact person at the municipality.
  • After your application, we will invite you for an intake test and interview.

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