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Content Language and Preparatory Program

The Language and Preparatory Program takes one and a half to two years. Upon completion of the Language and Preparatory Program, you can start a study program at a university of applied sciences or a university.

The Language and Preparatory Program in brief


If you are enrolled in the Language and Preparatory Program, you will be invited for an intake interview with one of our lecturers. Often you are also requested to take a test to see if you can learn the Dutch language fast enough. This is because the pace in the Language and Preparatory Program is high. If you already speak a little Dutch, we will also test you to see if you can enter the program at a higher level. 

After the intake interview, the municipality will receive confirmation of your application. If we think that another program is more suitable for you, the municipality will receive a recommendation from us. In that case you cannot start with our program. 

Preliminary track


In the preliminary course, you first take the NT2 Beginners course (0 to A2) and then Nt2 Intermediate course (A2 to B1). 

  • You take these courses in mixed groups: you are in a group with other people integrating, students, university employees, and expats. 
  • The groups start three times a year: in late August, early December, and early April. 

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During the preliminary track, you will be guided by your lecturers and a mentor from the Language and Preparatory Program. The lecturers will help you with lessons and exams; your mentor will answer all your questions about your integration. You can also talk to her if there are special circumstances. 

Information and selection Pre-Bachelor’s Program


During the Pre-Bachelor Program, you will visit the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven together with your mentor and other participants of the Language and Preparatory Program. There, we will tell you more about the pre-Bachelor’s programs you can follow at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences and at Tilburg University. 

Both pre-Bachelor’s programs start once a year: at the end of August. If there is a waiting period between the end of the preliminary program and the start of the Pre-Bachelor's Program, the best way to use this time will be discussed with the mentor and the municipality. 


During specially organized assessment days, we will assess your level of English and mathematics. After that, we will conduct selection interviews. Based on your results, your progression, and your study attitude in the courses of the preliminary program, and the selection interview, we will determine where you will continue the Language and Preparatory Program: in the Pre-Bachelor’s program offered by the Fontys University of Applied Sciences or by Tilburg University. It is also possible that, on the basis of the selection, you will receive a different recommendation. 

Pre-Bachelor's Program Tilburg University

The Pre-Bachelor's Program at Tilburg University prepares you for university study program. Most participants graduate to a Bachelor's program in either Dutch or English. 

  • The Pre-Bachelor's Program lasts for an entire year, from late August to early July
  • During the Pre-Bachelor's Program you complete your integration (NT2 and Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM)) and take a number of deficiency courses; at least mathematics and English and, if it is necessary for your subsequent studies, also history. 
  • You will also explore which study program and profession best suits you and improve your study skills and academic skills
After the Language and Preparatory Program 

If you successfully complete the Language and Preparatory Program, you will receive: 

  • the integration certificate from the Dutch government 
  • A Pre-Bachelor's certificate from Tilburg University 

After that, you can start studying at a Dutch university or university of applied sciences. You can directly enter a Bachelor's program at Tilburg University. 

Are you interested in the Language and Preparatory Program at Tilburg University?

  • The municipality where you live enrolls you for the Language and Preparatory Program.
  • So make your interest known to your contact person at the municipality.
  • After your application, we will invite you for an intake test and interview.

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