Check Your Text Drop-in Session

Date: Time: 13:00 Location: To be announced

Would you like an expert opinion on your text?

The Language Center Editor and teachers are available to take a look at your text. This could be part of an academic publication, a policy text-in-progress, a page of instructions for students, an email you are writing, etc. We can help you with grammar, style, structure or any other aspect you would like feedback on. Walk in any time between 13:00 and 14:30 hrs without signing up. The only things to note:

  • Max. about 1 page A4 per person
  • Have the text available on paper, USB-stick, or on your laptop
  • We have multiple teachers there but you may have to wait a short while if it’s busy

Teachers: a selection of English department teachers

Max. number of participants: not applicable. Just walk in with your text. 

October: Employee month:

October is employee month! The workshops and activities below are offered in English for staff from all Schools and Services. The workshops are free of charge, but there is a maximum number of participants for some workshops.