Workshop Standing on Ceremony - A Workshop on Ceremonial and Occasional Speeches

Date: Time: 12:45 Location: To be announced

In this ninety-minute workshop, the focus is on speeches that are given to mark an occasion, to introduce an event, to celebrate an individual, or to signify a particular moment in time.

Often, a good deal of effort is put into these speeches, and yet it is not uncommon for both audiences and speakers to end up dissatisfied with the result. The truth of the matter is that most professionals are given few opportunities to learn how to prepare and deliver good ceremonial speeches.

In this workshop, you will be provided with both practical tips and a brief survey of what the fields of rhetoric and oratory have to offer in order to help you more easily and successfully compose and deliver ceremonial speeches. Mark Vitullo, a lecturer at the Language Center and a longtime instructor of the course Rhetoric in Theory and Practice will be leading the workshop, in which you will have the opportunity to sharpen your ceremonial speaking skills in what is hoped will be both a useful and entertaining session.   

Teacher: Mark Vitullo

Maximum number of participants: 20

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