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NT2: Beginners (intensive Course)

This course allows you to rapidly acquire a solid basis of everyday Dutch based on texts from the Delft method that you will go through step-by-step. Grammar is also explained based on these texts. This allows you to develop a feel for the language instead of only a knowledge of the grammar rules.

The texts you read are discussed in class, through exercises and sometimes based on a student’s presentation. You also correct the texts yourself with the help of correction symbols and you will create your own vocabulary portfolio or diary in which you will record words that are relevant for your daily life. By the end of the course, you will have acquired a vocabulary of approx. 2300 Dutch words.

Mandatory intake

If you are an absolute beginner in Dutch, you are required to have a mandatory intake consultation with a teacher from the Language Center. The consultation takes approx. 20 minutes. During the intake consultation an assessment is made on whether you have sufficient skills to participate in the intensive courses. This includes previous education, your level of English, your time available for the course, and your computer skills.

Do you have to learn Dutch because you are obliged to integrate? Then you are eligible to apply for a DUO loan to finance the intensive courses.

At the end of the course you will be able to

  • Say what you do in your free time

  • Report a birth at the municipality

  • Report moving house

  • Hold a conversation about learning a language. In addition, you will also have a basic knowledge of Dutch history and politics.

  • Move on to the Intermediate Course

In addition, you will also have a basic knowledge of Dutch history and politics.

Final Test

The course is completed with oral and written exams.

NT2 for Beginners in short

Duration and Course Format

Three two-hour classes for 10 weeks, with a minimum of 20 hours of self-study per week, 12 ECTS

Start 26 August 2019, 4 December 2019 and 30 March 2020
Course Fee (Course materials included)
  • Staff Tilburg University: € 80
  • Alumni Tilburg University: € 1.130
  • Students  Tilburg University: 12 Language Vouchers or € 816 (Course materials not included)
  • External Paticipants: € 1.250
Level From 0 to A2 (Common European Reference Framework )
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This course is for everyone who is highly educated. This means that you have a diploma at HAVO or VWO level and are therefore eligible for Higher Education in the Netherlands.