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NT2: Upper-Intermediate Dutch

During this course, you work from the B1 level to the B2 level. Using the book Nederlands op Niveau, you will work with texts, listening fragments, and do vocabulary and grammar exercises.

In assignments called “Talenquests”, you will work in a group and look up information about various subjects and then present that information to the group. You will also write texts or record them on the computer based on an outline. 

Dutch culture is an intricate part of the book. Subjects that are dealt with include Dutch customs and habits such as bike etiquette and sustainability and knowledge of Dutch history and politics. Special attention is paid to famous Dutch figures, both historical and contemporary, such as William of Orange I and the astronaut Wubbo Ockels.

Obligatory Intake

Would you like to register for the intermediate, upper-intermediate or advanced course? If so, you are required to take an intake test. This test consists of missing word texts and supplementary sentences that you fill in on a computer. The test normally takes a maximum of an hour and a half. The computer provides an indication of your level of the Dutch language. You will have a conversation with a tutor immediately after the intake test. The tutor determines whether the Language Center is suitable for you and at which level you can begin.

At the End of the Course you will be able to

  • Write a cover letter
  • Describe shapes
  • Hold discussions
  • Negotiate

Final Test

The course is completed with an oral presentation and a written exam.

NT2 Upper-Intermediate in Short

Duration and Course Format

Two three-hour lessons for 10 weeks, with a minimum of 20 hours of self-study per week, 12 ECTS

Start 26 August 2019, 5 December 2019  and 30 March 2020
Course Fee  (Course Materials included)
  • Staff/Alumni Tilburg University: € 1,000
  • Students Tilburg University: 12 Language Vouchers or € 816 (Course Materials excluded)
  • External Participants: € 1,100
Level  From B1 tor B2 (Common European Reference network)
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This course is for everyone who is highly educated. This means that you have a diploma at HAVO or VWO level and are therefore eligible for Higher Education in the Netherlands.