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NT2: Advanced (B2+) (intensive course)

This course offers a good preparation for a university education or a position at an academic level. With the help of the book Nederlands naar Perfectie, you will work with texts, listening fragments, and vocabulary and grammar exercises. Attention is also paid to pronunciation and listening comprehension. The subjects, the practice material, and the assignments in this course are of an academic nature.

In this course, you strengthen your B2-level.  You will therefore also be working on various academic language and study skills, such as presenting, summarizing, discussing, and writing a position paper.

This course is suitable for participants who have passed the upper-intermediate course, but want to reach a higher language level in order to be better prepared for the NT2-II State Exam. You can then take the NT2-II State Exam at the end of this course. This course is also suitable for participants who have passed their NT2-II state exam, but want to take their language skills to a higher level and take the step towards C1.

NT2: Advanced (B2+) in short

Duration and Course Format

Two three-hour lessons for 10 weeks, with a minimum of 20 hours of independent study per week, 12 ECTS credits


1 February 2021, (de-)registration possible until 21 January 2021

Schedule Monday and Thursday:  13:45 - 16:30 hrs
Course Fee (including Course Materials)
  • Staff Tilburg University: the first Dutch course is free of charge. If you have already participated in a Dutch course at the Language Center, you pay € 1,000
  • Alumni Tilburg University: € 1,000
  • Students Tilburg University: 12 Language Vouchers or € 816 (Course Materials excluded)
  • External Participants: € 1,100
Level From B2 to C1- (Common European Framework of Reference)
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This course is intended for everyone who is highly educated.

  • You have a sufficiently high level of education or have had a minimum of 12 years of education.
  • If you do not speak Dutch, you need to have a reasonable level of English.
Student at Tilburg University
Staff member at Tilburg University
Alumnus of Tilburg University
External participant