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Difference between Dutch I and Dutch II for International Students

Dutch I for International Students/Dutch I for Expats

Level from 0 tot A1
Book part 1.

Take a look at the book and the subjects

Subjects in this course:

  • talk about yourself, your hobbies and your family
  • make an appointment
  • do the grocery shopping
  • order in a cafe or restaurant
  • talk about what you do every day and what you did yesterday

Grammar in this course:

  • conjunctions
  • negation: niet and geen
  • diminutives
  • irregular verbs
  • present perfect simple tense
  • main and subordinate clauses

Dutch II for International Students/Dutch II for Expats

This course is a continuation of Dutch I and provides a more expanded basic knowledge of the Dutch language. In assignments you will work in a group and look up information about various subjects and then present that information on subjects such as holidays. During the lessons, many dialogues and role plays are used.

Level from A1 tot A2
Book part 2.

Take a look at the book and the subjects

Subjects in this course e.g.:

  • give a compliment
  • talk with your doctor
  • ask Directions
  • to agree / to disagree

Grammar in this course e.g.:

  • use of 'er'
  • use of 'zullen'
  • imperfectum
  • conditionalis