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Module Orientation Dutch Labour Market

The module 'ONA (Orientation Dutch Labour Market)' will help you to get a realistic idea about your possibilities for work and/or studies in the Netherlands. The module is being taught by an experienced career counsellor. She will help you to design your own portfolio reflecting your previous education, professional experience and plans for the future.

Be prepared

If integration became mandatory for you as of January 1st, 2015, then you are obliged to take the exam Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market. By the end of this module you will be prepared for this exam, which consists of an assessment of your portfolio and a final interview.

You can take this module while taking the Advanced Dutch as a Second Language course. Other interested parties are also welcome to attend this module. Furthermore, it is possible to pay for this module using your DUO loan. Please note, however, that your level of Dutch must be at least B1 to be admitted.


No ONA module is scheduled at this moment.


€ 250 (materials included)


Course Materials: Piersma, Dorothée, Welkom op de Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt, Coutinho: 2016. ISBN: 9789046905111