Language Center


The Language Center offers a number of English courses from general proficiency to specialized writing or speaking courses. How do you choose the best English course for you? What exactly is the difference between the courses? More information about this can be found on this page.

We offer the following courses and training specifically for students. However, these courses are also accessible to employees and external participants. There are different categories.

Writing courses

In these courses you will work on writing a specific text that is important for your study programme. Each detailed course description contains a paragraph about who is most suitable for the course.

Oral and presentation skills

These courses focus on speaking skills in general or on the oral presentation of your opinion or work.

General language skills

For those who want to improve their general language skills, there are three courses. English for Communicative Purposes focuses on the productive skills of writing and speaking and is a basic course at B2+ level. The two Improving Your English courses go to C1 and C2 level respectively and cover not only speaking and writing but also reading and listening skills.

Specialized courses

These courses have a specific purpose as the course title reflects.

Training for employees

In addition to these courses for students, there are a number of courses specifically for staff members. These courses are also accessible to external participants.

Employees can also come to us for the English level test or for customization. It is possible for both employees and external parties to take a course at the Language Center that is tailored to your service, department or organization. Please contact the Language Center for advice on what is the best solution for you.