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English for Business Communication

The aim of English for Business Communication is for you to become more confident and competent when communicating in a business, corporate or organizational context, specifically in giving presentations, pitching new ideas, conducting meetings, and formulating written problem analyses and proposals.

This course looks at the communicative aspects of business and focuses on the language and communication skills required in a (general) business context. In this course, you are provided with an opportunity to apply these skills to cases of your own choice drawn from real-world circumstances. The course deals with specific topics such as pitching an idea for a new product or service, presenting a project proposal in the form of a formal team presentation, and dealing with the specific challenges of business English in an international context, through exercises based in part on the needs and requirements of the cases they are working on. The focus is on (practical) communication which is clear and effective.

At the end of the course you can:

  • conduct and report on meetings in an efficient and effective fashion, making use of linguistic and communicative techniques to achieve clearly defined meeting goals
  • work successfully in a team to formulate, perform background research on, and provide a solution to a defined communications problem within a business or organizational context
  • present (individually as well as in a team) on this defined communication problem in a manner that is both informative and persuasive
  • communicate your personal brand in a short individual pitch
  • apply basic insights into communications dynamics in your communicative practice
  • apply basic marketing principles to make language choices and reach communicative solutions in practical business communications settings
  • express yourself using varied simple and complex grammatical forms in both speech and writing
  • use presentational and rhetorical techniques to effect
  • apply structure and organization in writing skillfully, using a variety of cohesive devices and organizational patterns, specifically with respect to the formats most often required in business communication

English for Business Communication in short

Duration and course format

13x 2-hour classes + final presentations, 6 ECTS


Spring semester 2020

Course fee

  • Students Tilburg University: 6 Language Vouchers or € 408
  • Staff/Alumni Tilburg University: € 420
  • External participants: € 480


Minimum level of B2+ (Common European Reference Framework )

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This course is intended for everyone who is highly educated. This means that you have a diploma at HAVO or VWO level and are therefore eligible for Higher Education in the Netherlands.

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