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English for Empirical Research Writing

English for Empirical Research Writing aims to help you improve your English writing skills with respect to research writing. This involves both general (academic) writing skills needed to construct a well-structured text and the English language skills necessary to write well at an academic level.

The principal focus in this course is on the standard components of the empirical research paper as currently published in academic journals. This type of writing is specifically used when quantitative data collection and statistical data analysis is the focus of the research.
The academic writing conventions that will be practiced are typical of IMRAD sections: The Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion & Conclusion. A number of selected topics of  advanced grammar and vocabulary use are given particular attention in the context of the discussion of the composition of research papers, including but not limited to the use of tense in research writing, future expression, and conditional constructions, and academic vocabulary.

Target audience

This course is meant for second and third year students or (pre-)master's students whose main task is to write empirical, experiment-based papers. This course is NOT recommended for students whose main task is to write theory/literature-based explanatory and/or argumentative papers. For these students, we recommend the course English for Argumentative Writing. Another related course is the English Thesis Workshop for students who are currently working on their BA or MA thesis.

At the end of the course you can

  • create appropriately structured and written standard sections of empirical research papers:
    • introduction
    • literature review
    • method section
    • results section
    • discussion & conclusion section
  • apply appropriate features of general and academic writing skills including but not limited to
    • register and style
    • advanced grammatical constructions
    • paper, paragraph and sentence structure
    • argumentation and argumentative devices including critical evaluation and citation of other academic sources in APA format
    • coherence strategies and linking devices

Special circumstances COVID-19

  • This course is taught entirely online and the exam will also be administered digitally. Since active participation is a key part of language skills courses, you need to able to interact with the group. Before signing up, make sure you have a stable internet connection, working webcam and headset or microphone. For recommended hardware requirements, see this TiU website.
  • 80% attendance is required. Lectures are not recorded for later viewing.

English for Empirical Research Writing in short

Duration and course format

13x 2-hour classes
Taught entirely online, 6 ECTS


End of January and end of August

Course fee

  • Students Tilburg University: 6 Language Vouchers or € 408
  • Staff/Alumni Tilburg University: € 420
  • External participants: € 480


From minimum of B2 to C1 (Common European Reference Framework)

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This course is intended for everyone who is highly educated. This means that you have a diploma at HAVO or VWO level and are therefore eligible for Higher Education in the Netherlands.

In our conditions, you can find more information about the registration period etc.

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