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Workshop lost in translation?: Teaching more effectively through the medium of English

You know how to teach and you know English. Yet somehow you have the impression students should get more out of your lecture, or content is not hitting home as much as you’d like. The Language Center offers two different (free) workshops on English-Medium Instruction (EMI).

We are postponing the workshops until we know more about returning to campus and the workshops might well be postponed until next semester, when we will be part of the Teacher Academy.

Workshop 1: Introduction

This workshop introduces the concept of English-Medium Instruction (EMI) and deals specifically with the cultural and linguistic context in which you teach and the concept of cognitive load. You directly incorporate the tips in a mini-lesson that you teach during the workshop and will receive feedback on.

Workshop 2: Getting your point across

In this session, we look at ways to increase communication between students in lectures and language strategies for clearly getting your message across. This includes knowing how to effectively communicate the structure of your lesson to students. You can take this workshop without having done the introduction, but we recommend doing workshop 1 first.

Target group

  • Academic staff teaching in English

Workshop Lost in Translation? in short


approx. 1 hour

  1. You will receive an email about one week prior to the workshop with background reading and a preparation assignment (usually to teach a specific part of an existing lecture).
  2. If possible, bring a laptop to the workshops

Dates, time and place

  • Workshop 1: Thursday 23 April, 9:30-12:30 in RTZ 501
  • Workshop 2: Tuesday 12 May, 9:30-12:30 in CUBE 221
Costs This semester only, these workshops are offered for free.