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Tilburg University is an internationally oriented research and education institute. The Language Center assists students, university staff, and non-university students in improving their language proficiency.

Portuguese for Visitors

Portuguese takes seventh in the list of top 10 most influential languages in the word. That is not strange, considering Portuguese has more than 210 million native speakers. In addition to Portugal, Portuguese is also the official language of emerging economies such as Brazil, Angola and Mozambique. Knowledge of this language won’t look bad on your CV or resume at all.

The Language Center offers the course ‘Portuguese for Beginners’.

Portuguese for Beginners

13x 3-hour classes, 8 hours self-study per week, 6 ECTS

This course teaches you the basics of Portuguese with an emphasis on reading, listening and writing. One assignment you will have is to write a text about a normal day in your life. You will also visit a cultural event where Portuguese is spoken and afterwards you will share your experiences with the rest of the group. Each class deals with a different topic. An interesting detail: you will also learn a few contemporary Portuguese songs that are related to the topic.

The two varieties of Portuguese will be explained: European Portuguese, which is spoken in Portugal, and Brazilian Portuguese. What are the differences in sentence structure, pronunciation and vocabulary? The instructor’s mother language is Brazilian Portuguese, so you will learn a great deal of this variation of the language.  

At the end of the course, you will be able to introduce yourself, ask for information, write short texts and understand a simple conversation. You will have reached the A1 level of the Common European Reference Framework.