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Dutch II for International Students

This course is a continuation of Dutch I for International Students and provides a more expanded basic knowledge of the Dutch language. In assignments called 'Talenquests', you will work in a group and look up information and give a presentation about various subjects, for example, public holidays. During the lessons, many dialogues and role plays are used.

You can prepare and review the lessons using the online material. You will also receive weekly writing exercises that you must rewrite yourself based on feedback from your instructor.

The cultural subjects dealt with are primarily geared toward practical information such as riding a bicycle, the weather, and doing business.

At the end of the course you will be able to

  • give a compliment

  • talk with your general practitioner

  • ask for directions

  • move on to the course Dutch III

Final Exam

The course is completed with an oral exam in pairs and a written exam.

Difference between Dutch I and Dutch II for International Students

Dutch II for International Students in short

Duration and Course Format

13x 3-hour classes, 8 hours self-study per week, 6 ECTS

Start End of January and end of August
Course Fee
  • Students Tilburg University: 6 Language Vouchers or € 408
  • Staff Tilburg University: the first Dutch course is free of charge. If you have already participated in a Dutch course at the Language Center, you pay € 420
  • Alumni Tilburg University: € 420
  • External Participants: € 480
Level From A1 to A2 (Common European Framework of Reference)
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This course is intended for everyone who is highly educated. This means that you have a diploma at HAVO or VWO level and are therefore eligible to attend Higher Education in the Netherlands.

In our conditions, you can find more information about the registration period etc.

Student at Tilburg University
Staff member at Tilburg University
Alumnus of Tilburg University
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