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If you want to know whether your English is good enough or if you want to study abroad, you can take a language test at the Language Center.


Student English Language Assessment (SELA Test)

Exchange students

Students embarking on a period of study abroad might be required to take a language test at the Language Center in the language of the destination country. Language tests can be taken for Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

English language test
Language test German - French - Italian - Spanish

Staff: assessments English

The Assessment has been developed to examine if every employee is at a suitable level of English for their job. All new employees are required to take this assessment. There are tests for:

Academic staff
Managerial staff
Secretarial and administrative staff
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Obtaining official diplomas with an international character

CILS: Certificate for Italian as a foreign language
DELE: Diploma for Spanish as a foreign language
TOEFL: Diploma for English as a foreign language