Business Communication & Digital Media

In the Master's track in Business Communication and Digital Media you will focus on communication issues in the area of business communications. Acquire knowledge about pitfalls and misunderstandings when exchanging information, negotiating or managing conflicts in business settings, and learn the principles of modern marketing communications.

Why the Master's track in Business Communication and Digital Media in Tilburg?

Learn important aspects of internal business communications

Focus on important aspects of interpersonal and group communication within organizations, and address questions like:

  • How do teams communicate and make decisions?
  • How do people deal with conflicts within their organization?
  • How do managers use advanced business communication to motivate their employees?

Acquire advanced knowledge in external business communications

Learn how organizations can reach and convince customers by studying various theories that explain how people make observations and form their opinions. Go beyond marketing and promoting the products on offer; consider the whole image of an organization:

  • How do organizations manage a crisis situation?
  • How do they communicate with media?
  • How do organizations improve their image through communication?

With a theoretical solid and practical focus on digital media

Study the impact of rapidly changing internet and digital media technologies on business communications, to come up with practical answers to questions like:

  • What is the most convenient way of communicating with customers?
  • How can we make user-friendly websites?
  • How can we use and deal with conversations in social media?

Business Communication and Digital Media in short

Language English
Start End of August and end of January
Duration One year (12 months). Check the
courses and program structure
Title Master of Science (MSc)
Best preparatory Bachelor'sCommunication Studies, Linguistics, or a modern language.
Students with a Bachelor's degree in a different subject
area are also welcome to apply. Check the
admission requirements and application procedure
Pre-Master Available
After graduation Online marketing, communications officer and advisor,
spokesperson, CRM consultant, advisor digitalization,
usability consultant, web editor, social media advisor.
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