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Career prospects Christianity and Society

Upon graduation, you will be an expert on the relations between Christianity and society in multiple fields of study, like like law, politics, and economics, and law. You will be able to use your expertise in advisory or management roles in religious organizations and churches, in government organizations, and in NGOs. You will also be able to apply your academic knowledge in the fields of media, politics, and economic relations.

Knowledge and skills

Due to your broad view of society, you can as a graduate end up in a wide variety of organizations or professions. What makes you a graduate of the Master’s Program Christainity and Society unique is exactly that broad view on society, which makes you perfectly skilled to play a connecting role within organizations.

Recent placements include:

  • Project coordinator international multimedia project ‘Tweeting with GOD’, at Council of European Bishops’ Conferences
  • PhD researcher in Corporate Social Responsibility at Radboud University
  • PhD Student in Ecumenical Theology at Tilburg University
  • Senior Press Officer at UNICEF Nederland

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