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Program and courses Cognitive Neuropsychology

In the Master's track Cognitive Neuropsychology you will pay attention to the neurological and neuropsychological characteristics of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders and brain conditions in the pediatric population. You will also study the normal and pathological age-related changes in cognition, behavior and brain.

Program structure

This one-year master's track consists of 60 credits (ECTS):

  • 4 core courses (24 ECTS)
  • Internship (18 ECTS)
  • Master’s thesis (18 ECTS)

The program starts at the end of August. The one-year Master's track Cognitive Neuropsychology is divided into 4 blocks:

Block 1: August - October

  • Developmental Neuropsychology
  • Assessment for Cognitive Neuropsychology
  • Internship

Block 2: October - January

  • Neuropsychology of Aging 
  • Interventions for Cognitive Neuropsychology
  • Internship
  • Master's thesis

Block 3: January - March 

  • Internship
  • Master's thesis

Block 4: April - July 

  • Internship
  • Master's thesis

Program content

Core courses
Internship: interventions, coaching, counseling and training
Master’s thesis

You will find a detailed description of the courses and required literature in our course catalog.

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Please Note: programs are subject to change. We advise you to look up the current program in Osiris Student at the start of the year.

Short overview of Cognitive Neuropsychology

  • Become an expert on the relationship between the brain and behavior in humans.
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge and skills on both the assessment of disorders, and on interventions aimed at treating them.
  • Opportunities to do an external or internal internship, acquire the basic registration of psychodiagnostics (BAPD), and to fulfill the criteria for the registration of the association LOGO (Vereniging Landelijk Overleg Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg Opleidingsinstellingen)
  • Learn to conduct independent research in the field of cognitive neuropsychology using state-of-the-art neuroscientific methods.

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