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Career prospects Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

As a graduate of the master Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, you are ready to contribute to the development of technological applications and at the same time reflect on implementation from a cognitive, neuroscientific, and ethical perspective.

Knowledge and skills

You will gain knowledge and understanding of the scientific and technologic principles underlying research in CS & AI, and of specialist tools to design, analyze, implement, and verify CS and AI systems. You will be able to apply this knowledge through formulating project plans for specific open problems in the field of CS & AI and to formulate and validate models and hypotheses.

Besides that, you will be able to translate academic knowledge into social, professional, economic and ethical contexts and to communicate on CS and AI related matters, e.g. research findings, to both specialist and non-specialist audiences.

You will be well equipped to continue to study CS and AI research developments and contribute to innovation, both in academia and industry.

Job options

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly evolving discipline and graduates have excellent job prospects. There is a great demand for graduates with academic knowledge and skills related to AI worldwide.

Knowledge and skills in the field of AI are of great value to,  for instance; e-services, virtual intelligent assistants in healthcare, training/education, governance, smart design, smart industry, computer aided decision-making and consumer intelligence.

Some career options:

  • Intelligent software developer 
  • Social robot developer 
  • Technology consultant 
  • AI Researcher 
  • Machine Learning / AI / Software engineer 
  • Software developer or architect  
  • Information analyst 
  • Business Intelligence specialist  
  • (Technical) policy advisor 

After your Master's

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