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Pre-Master’s program Communication and Information Sciences

The Pre-Master’s programs in Communication and Information Sciences are designed for international and Dutch students with (1) a university degree that does not entirely meet the entry requirements of the Master’s tracks of Communication & Information Sciences, or (2) a relevant Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO) degree.

Advantages for taking the Pre-Master's program

  • The Pre-Master's semester consists of Bachelor's courses familiarizing you with the basic theories and research skills necessary for starting on the Master's program, such as methodology and statistics.
  • It gives you some extra time to get used to studying in a different education system.
  • You will meet more international students, since all students from all Master’s tracks take the same Pre-Master's program. 
  • This completed Pre-Master's program provides access to the following Master's tracks:
    MSc track Business Communication and Digital Media
    MSc track Communication and Cognition
    MSc track New Media Design

Pre-Master's programs

For international and Dutch WO students
For international and Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO) students

Pre-Master's courses

Course overview

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