Communication Design

MSc track Communication Design

Become an expert in the factors that make textual communication effective in order to design better communication tools. Study the characteristics of text, such as style and structure, but also, conversation characteristics and how readers process information.

One of the essential ways in which information is transferred and communicated is through text, whether verbal or written. Texts should inform or convince, depending on the communication objectives. Communication designers research different factors that can affect a text in order to create an effective communication tool.

Furthermore, the context and purpose of a text and how readers process information also play a major role in communication. In the English-taught Master's specialization in Communication Design, you will study how communication processes work and how you can influence these processes effectively. You will learn to analyze texts and tailor them to different target groups and acquire knowledge about how to measure whether in practice a text has the desired effect.

Why the Master's track Communication Design in Tilburg?

Become an academic expert in communication design

  • Master text characteristics such as form, content, structure, and interactivity
  • Understand the human cognition and how information is processed
  • Evaluate and asses critically existing scientific literature on Communication Design

Grow practical, and effective design skills

  • Learn how to make a reasoned choice regarding research design to measure effects of text characteristics
  • Hands- on- in class exercises and case studies

And make the difference in communication strategies

  • Learn to interpret statistical results, and how to translate them back into everyday language
  • Recognize factors that influence successful communication and reduce the risks of pitfalls

The Master's track Communication Design in short

Specialization of Communication Design

Language English

Start End of August and end of January

Duration 1 year (60 ECTS) Check the program

Title Master of Science (MSc)

Best preparatory Bachelor's Bachelor's in Communication Sciences
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Pre-Master's Available in English

After graduation Communication Design Manager; Communication Strategist; Advertising Design Strategist; Communication Designer Engineer; Device user Experience Design Specialist; Design Researcher;
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