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Master's programs in Culture Studies

If you are interested in a Master's program in Culture Studies, you can choose between five specialized tracks which offer multiple perspectives on cultural and societal changes due to digitalization and globalization.

Culture Studies at Tilburg University

Health Humanities

Study how developments and opinions regarding health, medicine and healthcare are reflected in cultural practices in society. And learn how cultural norms, diversity, technological developments and the online world shape these developments and opinions.

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Jeugdliteratuur (in Dutch)

Children's Literature (Jeugdliteratuur) is a Dutch-taught program which reflects on actual debates in the (international) children’s literature and the societal changes from the perspective of relevant theoretical concepts, such as ‘child image’ and adaptation.

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Management of Cultural Diversity

Management of Cultural Diversity is a program about cultural diversity in order to constrain risks and seize opportunities within an organization or within societal fields such as education, healthcare, labor market, art and culture.

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Art and Media Studies

Focuses on artistic and creative practices and aesthetic concepts that can be found online as well as offline. In this track you will:

  • Gain knowledge on artistic practices and their contributions to the democratic, digital and mediatized public sphere.
  • Combine cultural studies and media studies, enabling you to analyze and understand artistic and cultural performances in online and offline contexts, and to communicate about them professionally.
  • Become prepared for jobs in the cultural field, such as cultural organisations, news and media environments, and with museums and event organizers.

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Digital Culture Studies

Focuses on how digitalization affects our cultures. In this research-oriented track you will:

  • Analyze the way new technologies and modes of social interaction re-arrange and innovate how we relate to others.
  • Study how these phenomena change our identities, communities and norms for conduct. And learn about the inclusionary and exclusionary effects in contemporary digital culture, as well as their impact on social structure.
  • Become prepared for a career in - among others -  journalism, new media and creative industries, academia and policy-making.

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Why Culture Studies in Tilburg?

Within the Master's programs in Culture Studies, the following aspects of art and culture are central themes:

  • The different types of cultural expressions in the form of literature, art, motion pictures and popular music.
  • The business side of culture, such as consumer behavior, culture participation and culture policy.
  • Recent developments in the field of culture in the form of multiculturalism and digitalization.
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