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Program and courses Data Science and Entrepreneurship

Combine the technological know-how of Eindhoven with the business, legal and societal insights of Tilburg. This synergy ensures that we educate data science-driven entrepreneurs who are able to create, develop and market data technologies, conduct research, and present results in a clear, non-technical manner.

Program structure

This two-year joint degree consists of 120 credits (EC):

  • 10 Compulsory courses (60 EC)
  • Elective courses (24 EC)
  • A minor (12 EC)
  • Master’s thesis (24 EC)

You can only start at the end of August.

The study load of the individual courses is equal to 6 EC, except for the Master’s thesis, which has a study load of 24 EC.

Each semester of the first year contains five courses of 6 EC.

The second year contains six courses of 6 EC and the Master’s thesis of 24 EC.

Students choose a minor which consists of two courses. Next to the minor, students have to take three compulsory courses and one elective.

Program content

Compulsory courses
Elective courses
Master's thesis

You will find a detailed description of the courses and required literature in our course catalog.

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Please Note: programs are subject to change. We advise you to look up the current program in OSIRIS Student at the start of the year.

Short overview of Data Science and Entrepreneurship

  • Combine data science courses with courses that focus on entrepreneurship. Incorporate theories and concepts from legal and ethical aspects of business venturing, intellectual property, and ethical and privacy aspects of data.
  • Apply data entrepreneurship by building a technology startup, in which you and your team use data-driven methods to test the feasibility of an idea/innovation, build a data-intensive product/solution, propose sales channels and customers, and develop entrepreneurial skills.
  • Solve real issues with actual datasets from industrial partners. Representatives of these partners are actively involved and will work with our professors to coach the student teams.

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