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Career prospects Data Science and Society

As a graduate of the Data Science and Society Master, you approach data scientific problems and questions with curiosity, creativity, and in an analytical manner. With your attitude, knowledge and skills you have the ability to create data driven solutions that are relevant for the society, businesses and organizations.

Knowledge and skills

Gain knowledge and skills in:

  • Data science methodology: the data science workflow, clustering techniques, data wrangling, data mining, machine learning, data visualization and the accompanying programming languages and libraries.
  • Business analytics: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytic techniques.
  • Governance and Law: laws and regulations relevant for data-driven businesses, principles of responsible innovation, and the relation between law and ethics.
  • Communication: how to communicate with professionals in the field of data science, as well as non-specialists.

Learn to:

  • Identify substantive research questions that can be addressed using specific large datasets.
  • Reflect on the use of computational, programming, and software techniques for data science research.
  • Apply analytic techniques for problem solving and decision making in fields such as logistics and marketing.
  • Carry out application-oriented data mining experiments to support decision making and create value for data-driven businesses.
  • Translate complex and/or extensive practical requirements (for instance, those of a commercial or governmental organization) into a work plan for developing, improving, or extending a data science solution.

Graduates work or start for example as:

  • Data Analyst (at companies / organizations like Eneco, Achmea, and CBS)
  • Data Science & Business Intelligence Consultant at Incentro
  • Data Scientist (at companies / organizations like ABN Amro Bank N.V., Microsoft, and Data Science Lab
  • Data Manager at Van den Bosch Transporten
  • Business Intelligence Analyst at Houthoff (previously Houthoff Buruma)
  • SEA specialist at Tripaneer

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