Quint Zieltjens_alumnus Economische Psychologie

Alumnus Economic Psychology Quint Zieltjens

now Brand Manager at McDonald’s Nederland B.V.

Economic Psychology

1 year English Starts end of August

Become an expert in economic behavior and consumer psychology, and learn to make decisions related to marketing, financial behavior, and communication. You will learn how companies, non-profits, and governments can use theories of economic and psychological reasoning to understand and influence consumer decisions and financial behaviors. This is a track of MSc Social Psychology.

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National Student Survey, 2019 | n=20

has a job within 6 months after graduation

National Alumni Survey, 2019 | n=5

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Programs and courses

Learn to understand and apply psychological and economic insights to understand consumer behavior, financial decision-making, and marketing.

  • Specialist in Economic Psychology since 1972.
  • International setting with small groups and a lot of interaction.
  • Courses and supervision are done by a team of international, young, and enthusiastic researchers.
  • Internship (12 or 18 ECTS) in an organization chosen by you.
  • The program focuses on the critical and valid application of theory in practice, with an emphasis on how economic psychology can be applied to companies, non-profits, and policy making.

Typical courses are:

  • The Psychology of Economics: Learn the fundamentals of economic psychology, a field that combines insights from social psychology and economics.
  • Money and Financial Behavior: This course deals with economic and psychological perspectives on money, how money influences behavior, and how it can cause adverse consequences (for instance, greed, materialism, and corruption).
  • Psychology and Marketing: Learn about the psychological insights that are crucial for inspiring effective and ethical marketing strategies.
  • Consumer Analytics Using Big Data: In this course, you will learn about how companies use online behavior to understand and predict consumer choices.

More on the program and courses

  • Student Economic Psychology Sanne Diepens

    Sanne Diepens

    Master's student

    "Learning more about consumer behavior from a psychological perspective was my main reason to choose this program. I learned how people make decisions every day in the context of financial decisions and buying behavior. Once I graduated I would love to work in a retail company where I can apply my knowledge in a B2C environment."

  • Master student Economic Psychology Odi Schepers

    Odi Schepers

    Master's student

    "During the courses I have learned to combine psychological and economic insights in consumer behavior to get a realistic view of people's financial decision making processes. During my internship at Frisse Blikken in Utrecht, I learn how to apply this knowledge about financial decision making into the field of marketing, branding and social media strategy."

  • Ivo Brouwer

    Ivo Brouwer

    Master's student

    "During the program I’m doing two internships at two different organizations, in order to get as much (work)experience as possible."

Career prospects

Prepare for both academic and practical careers in the fields of economic psychology, consumer behavior, marketing, communication, policy, consulting, or research.

  • Alumni are often employed by management consultancies, and trade unions as well as in the consumer products industry and at market research institutes.
  • Our graduates have been hired at Philips, GfK, Accenture, Rabobank, Bol.com, Nationale Nederlanden, Booking.com, research universities and schools of applied sciences, KPN, Blauw Research, Interpolis, and the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

Example positions of graduates:

  • Financial Economic Crime Coordinator at Rabobank
  • Hair Brand Building Marketing Advisor at Unilever
  • Market Researcher at market research agency Ruigrok Netpanel

Alumni facts

  • Average number of months until first paid job: 4.40
  • Finds a job within 6 months after graduation: 80% 
  • Gross monthly income one year after graduation: € 1.732,- 

Source: National Alumni Survey - Master Social Psychology, 2019 | n = 6

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    Application and admission

    This Master's track starts:

    End of August

    Best preparatory programs:

    Bachelor in (Social) Psychology

    Pre-Master's program:

    Not available. The following Master's programs do offer pre-Master's programs for students from universities of applied sciences (hbo): Sociology, Human Resource Studies, Organization Studies, Marketing Management, Marketing Analytics, and Communication and Information Sciences.

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