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Tuition fees

Fall 2017 (starts end of August)

Citizens of EEA countries, Switzerland or Suriname (Statutory fee)

  • Master's program: € 2,006
  • Pre-Master's program: € 198 - € 992*

Citizens of non-EEA countries (Institutional fee)

  • Master's program: € 14,500
  • Pre-Master's program: € 198 - € 992*

*Depending on the amount of courses / ECTS - the fees for the Pre-Master's programs are the fees of 2017/2018.

The fees for 2018/2019 will be published late 2017. In general the fees increase with a few % every year.

Please note that no rights can be derived from the rates mentioned. They are subject to change.

About the tuition fee:

  • Your tuition fee covers one year of study. Should you need an additional year of study to complete your degree you will be required to register for a second year and pay the tuition fee accordingly.
  • Explanation difference statutory fee and institutional fee: tuition fees for Dutch nationals are determined and subsidized by the Dutch government. This is known as the 'statutory fee'. Due to EU regulations, EEA citizens are entitled to pay the same subsidized fees as Dutch students. The government does not subsidize non-EU students, therefore universities must determine the tuition fees for these students on the basis of costs. This is called 'institutional fee'. We do have scholarships available for excellent non-EU students.
  • Students who already obtained a Master’s degree at a Dutch university will not be eligible to pay the low statutory fee. These students will have to pay the institutional fee, since they will no longer be subsidized by the government.
  • You have the opportunity to apply for a loan from the Dutch government to cover the tuition fees if you are a student from an EU/EEA country. You can find more information on the website of DUO.

For more information, please see tuition fees and rates.

Questions about tuition fees or scholarships?

Get in touch, we are happy to advise you.

Scholarships for prospective international students

Tilburg University offers scholarships for both prospective and current students.

At Tilburg University we are committed to financially supporting talented and motivated students. Below you will find a short description and a link to various types of scholarships which can help you finance your studies at Tilburg University.

Please note that the number of scholarships are limited and mainly targeted at students with excellent study results. We therefore recommend you to carefully read the requirements and observe the deadlines.

Overview scholarships

EU/EEA and non-EEA students

EU/EEA students

  • IMMIT Scholarships
    Scholarship for excellent EU students enrolling in the International Master in Management of IT (IMMIT) at Tilburg School of Economics and Management.
  • NN Future Matters Scholarships
    Scholarship for excellent students from Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain or Turkey enrolling in a Master's program in the field of finance, risk management or economics.

Non-EEA students



  • Conicyt Scholarship
    Scholarship available for Master and PhD candidates from Chile. Tilburg University offers an additional tuition waiver.


  • Tilburg - Orange Tulip Scholarship China
    Tuition waiver + € 5.000 (Holland Scholarship) for outstanding Chinese students enrolling in a Master's degree program at Tilburg University.

  • Sino-Dutch Bilateral Exchange Scholarship
    Joint Scholarship Program for Chinese Master and PhD students, who will take a Master program or full PhD study or period of PhD dissertation research at Tilburg University.
  • China Scholarship Council (CSC)
    Top students from China are encouraged to study at Tilburg University through a scholarship program developed in collaboration with the China Scholarship Council (CSC).




  • Tilburg - Orange Tulip Scholarship Indonesia
    Tuition waiver + € 5.000 (Holland Scholarship) for outstanding Indonesian students enrolling in a Master's degree program at Tilburg University.

  • StuNed Scholarship
    Scholarship available for Indonesian professionals with at least two years of work experience in a development-related organization.
  • Beasiswa Unggulan Scholarship

    Scholarship for excellent Indonesian students enrolling in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD program at Tilburg University.

  • SPIRIT Scholarship
    Scholarship for staff of selected Indonesian government organizations enrolling in a Master’s or PhD program at Tilburg University.
  • KOMINFO Scholarship
    Scholarship for Indonesian students enrolling in the master in Law and Technology or Communication and Information Sciences. Applicants should have minimum 2 years work experience.
  • DIKTI PhD Scholarship
    Scholarship for Indonesian lecturers and education staff at Indonesian universities who will do a PhD at Tilburg University.
  • Indonesian Education Scholarship (LPDP)
    The Indonesian Education Scholarship (BPI) for Master’s and PhD programs is a scholarship program funded by the Indonesian government and is managed by LPDP to finance higher education in Indonesian or overseas institutions.



  • University of Liberia scholarship
    Scholarship (tuition waiver + budget) for a maximum of four students/staff from the University of Liberia accepted for a one-year Master's program.


  • Tilburg - Orange Tulip Scholarship Mexico
    Tuition waiver for outstanding Mexican students enrolling in a Master's degree program at Tilburg University.
  • FIDERH Scholarship
    Scholarship available for Mexican citizens, with a bachelor's degree, that have an unconditional offer for a Master or PhD.

  • FUNED Scholarship
    Scholarship for outstanding Mexican students enrolling in a Master's degree program at Tilburg University.




  • Jean Monnet Scholarship
    Full scholarship for excellent students enrolling in a Master's program at Tilburg University.
  • NN Future Matters Scholarships
    Scholarship for excellent students enrolling in a Master's program in the field of finance, risk management or economics at Tilburg University.


Other scholarships

  • More information on grants can be found at Grantfinder
  • Global Study Awards for both EEA and non-EEA students who have taken an IELTS test.
  • UAF Scholarship
    Scholarship available for refugees and asylum seekers who would like to pursue their studies
  • Tilburg University Hockey Scholarship
    Tilburg University has 6 scholarships available for international students-athletes who are admitted to a Bachelor or Master's program at Tilburg University, and play Field Hockey for a Hoofdklasse (highest league) team in the Netherlands.

Estimated cost of living in Tilburg per year

Below is a general overview of your cost of living in Tilburg per year. The estimated costs can vary per person and also depend on your lifestyle. Please note that these figures are subject to change and that tuition fees are not included in this overview.

General overview

  • Accommodation: € 4,500 - € 5,700
  • Food: € 3,000
  • Books and readers: € 800
  • Health, liability and travel insurance fees: € 450 *
  • Immigration fee for visa and/or Residence Permit (if applicable): € 311 **

Total: € 8,750 - € 10,250

* Insurance premiums vary depending on your personal situation. Please check with the insurance companies for a specific quote AON or IPS.

** Depending on your nationality you might require an entry visa and/or Residence Permit.


  • A bicycle and lock: € 125
  • Sports card: € 131

Total: € 256

All Master's programs

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