Pre-Master's program Economics

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Note: for MSc Economics we only offer Pre-Master’s programs for students with an (international) university Bachelor's degree, not for Dutch hbo-students.

Pre-Master's program for (international) university graduates

Tilburg University offers a Pre-Master's program specifically for graduates whose university Bachelor's degree does not meet the entry requirements of the Master's in Economics program. This Pre-Master's year equips you with the knowledge foundation needed to excel in the Master's in Economics.

Course content is tailored to the individual needs of the student.

The program will consist of up to 30 ECTS.

If you have any questions regarding the Pre-Master's, or admission and application, please get in touch with us.

Admission and application

As a university graduate you can not apply for our Pre-Master’s program directly; you should always apply for the Master's program.

The Admissions Board will then decide, based on your complete application, whether:

  1. You can be admitted to the Master's program directly
  2. You need to take a 6-month Pre-Master's program
  3. You cannot be admitted to the (Pre-)Master's program

Please check your eligibility and the deadlines for application on the admission and application page.

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