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Aimed at social relevance, Tilburg University’s Law School offers highly-ranked education and legal research. Become an expert in Law and Public Administration with cutting-edge knowledge provided in the context of a distinctly practical real-world approach. Have a look at our Master's programs in the following areas of expertise:

Law and technology

LLM Law and Technology

Providing cutting-edge knowledge within the burgeoning field of technology regulation, Law and Technology gives answers to challenges of today’s technology-driven society. In addition to traditional legal doctrine, the program covers regulatory issues in the spheres of public, private, and criminal law, and such subjects as comparative law, jurisprudence, ethics, and public administration.

Law and Technology

International and European Union law

LLM European Law and Global Risk

Focus on EU law that aims to secure economic prosperity, environmental integrity, proper responses to migration, and continued respect for the rule of law.  EU law not only dominates these legal spheres within the EU, but also is a leading global force.

European Law and Global Risk

LLM International Law and Global Governance

International Law is extending forcefully into our everyday politics, economics, and societies - having an impact on international organizations, regimes, tribunals, courts, corporations, NGOs and, even, terrorist threats. The curriculum provides expertise across the three core areas of international law: (1) International Law and International Relations; (2) Human Rights and Human Security; and (3) Global Sustainability and Environmental Law. You can tailor your specialization(s) to match your career aims.

International Law and Global Governance

Public administration and governance

MSc Public Governance

Combine governance, economic and legal principles to become an elite strategical force in public administration, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Learn to tackle multi-level governance issues that no longer fit within borders and disciplines, such as unemployment, fiscal fraud, and a refugee crisis against the background of ongoing economic and financial instability.

Public Governance

Business and corporate law

LLM International Business Law

An outstanding preparation for a legal career in the international business arena, combining quality business law theory with a distinctly practical real-world approach. Become a professional business lawyer or an in-house counsel of corporations, or go for a career in academic research.

International Business Law

LLM International Business Taxation

Understand how tax and legal considerations relate, and manage complex problems multinationals are facing in the field of international business taxation law. Upon graduation, you are well prepared for a career as a professional business tax advisor or an in-house counsel of corporations or for a career in academic research.

International Business Taxation

LLM Labour Law and Employment Relations

Combine extensive knowledge of labour law with related areas such as employment relations, the labour market, and social policy, all from international and European perspectives. This combined skills-set is what modern professionals in employment relations need.

Labour Law and Employment Relations

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