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Study a Master in Marketing

Become an expert in Marketing and improve decision-making using state-of-the-art research methodology to gain critical marketing insights in an online and offline context. Our Marketing Department is ranked one of the top in Europe and its Master's programs offer an outstanding foundation for your future career; degrees from our university are respected by employers around the world.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Become a highly trained marketing analyst: gather and analyze big data using the latest techniques and methods available, to provide management with critical marketing insights and opportunities about online and otherwise. 

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Management

Marketing Management 

Learn to develop innovative and effective ways to distribute, design, price and promote products and services - both in an online and offline context. With your broad theoretical knowledge and relevant practical skills, a career as a successful marketing manager lies ahead of you.

Marketing Management 

worldwide, #2 in the Netherlands in Economics & Business

US News, 2021

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