MSc track Global Management of Social Issues

The new Master’s program in Global Management of Social Issues combines human resource studies, organization studies, and sociology to address complex societal challenges from a cross-cultural and international comparative perspective.

Coming soon: MSc in Global Management of Social Issues – September 2018!

  • Approach complex societal challenges in an international context, such as poverty, migration, climate change, or humanitarian interventions after a natural disaster.
  • Learn how to run projects and compose teams of experts that work on such 'wicked problems'.
  • Think beyond the limits of one specialization by combining human resource studies, organization studies, and sociology.
  • These skills are in great demand by different companies, departments and projects in international environments and organizations.
    • You could work for example as a consultant or human resource manager in an international organization, connecting people in order to create the most competent team to solve complex problems.
    • Or you could work as a fundraiser and help find a solution for poverty, or help introduce sustainable practices in supply chains.
    • As a project manager, you can make sure that projects run smoothly and produce the best possible results.

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