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Renee Vugts

Renée Vugts, Nederlandse, 2000e afgestudeerde Human Resource Studies

Student Renée Vugts studeerde vrijdag 16 september 2016 af als 2000e student van de master Human Resource Studies (HRS). Na haar HBO opleiding ‘International Real Estate & Facility Management’ heeft zij eerst de premaster HRS gevolgd om vervolgens door te stromen in de aansluitende master HRS. Ze werd geselecteerd voor de Extended Master HRS – Professional Traineeship, waardoor ze gedurende een half jaar een traineeship kon volgen bij De Lage Landen (DLL).

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Viktoria Oppenauer, Austria, Human Resource Studies student

“One of my favorite courses was the Seminar in Human Resource Studies. The Seminar HRS taught us how to assess, discuss, and apply research, theory, and concepts in the field of HRM. Besides the weekly plenary lectures, seminars had to be prepared and chaired by small student teams. These seminars highly emphasized interactions and discussions.”

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Denitsa Encheva, Bulgaria, Human Resource Studies student

“So far, I have had many interesting courses but the one I liked the most was also the most challenging one – Seminar HRS. Many topics were discussed during the very interactive seminars we had. This was a great experience for me.”

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Juliana Tandung, Indonesia, Human Resource Studies student

"I chose the Master's program Human Resource Studies because I have always had a passion for this subject, and I really want to learn and know more about this field. There is a lot of reading to be done (books and papers) and group assignments for each subject, which gives a lot of insights and stimulates us to think further within this field. Out of the four subjects that I am doing, my favorite one is Management of Diversity. I find it really interesting studying how differences such as race/ethnicity, age, gender, etc can influence the way people work and how they perform."

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Professor interviews

Jaap Paauwe HRS

Prof. dr. Jaap Paauwe

Professor of Human Resource Studies

"The Master's degree program strikes an ideal balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of HRM."

People spend a large part of their time working in exchange for things such as money, personal development, fun or contact with their colleagues. As an HR officer, your job is to direct that symbiotic relationship and in doing so, you will be confronted with principles and moral values and it is this which sometimes raises some interesting dilemmas. For example, the answer to the question: 'What is fair in a given situation?' is becoming increasingly dependent upon concepts such as added value, the fact that employees are required to make their own contributions to the results achieved by the company as a whole.

HR is always made-to-measure and HR professionals are required to have an intrinsic awareness of the factors that characterise a company and make it what it is. For example, compare a capital-intensive company such as Shell with a company such as IKEA. The identities of each of these companies are completely different, with the result that copying best practices alone will not achieve the desired outcome. Each practice will need to be handled in a very specific way.

Nowadays, organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the role that human factors play in corporate success. HR professionals must therefore respond to this by providing up-to-date tools based upon the latest research and it is Human Resource Studies that provides them with the training they need.

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Dr. Reneé de Reuver

Program Director of MSc Human Resource Studies

"Upon completion of the master program HRS, successful students will have developed profound knowledge and skill in order to work as an HR professional or consultant. They will have developed a critical-analytical attitude, demonstrate competence in doing scientific research, possess writing and communications skills in research and problem-solving, and last but not least, are able to do HR with an attitude."


Ms Ruth Davis

Admissions Officer Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

"The experience of attending a thesis defence made me realize how truly international education can be here in Tilburg."  

Ruth Davis about internationalization at Tilburg University

Prof. dr. Marc van Veldhoven en dr. Renee de Reuver

Departementsvoorzitter Human Resource Studies en Opleidingsdirecteur Master Human Resource Studies

De master Human Resource Studies mocht vrijdag 16 september jl. haar 2000e afgestudeerde student feliciteren. Student Renée Vugts nam de felicitaties tijdens haar afstudeerceremonie in ontvangst van opleidingsdirecteur Renee de Reuver en departementsvoorzitter Marc van Veldhoven. Beiden zijn trots op de kersverse alumnus, maar ook op de master HRS die 30 jaar geleden startte als eerste wetenschappelijke opleiding in Nederland op het gebied van Personeelwetenschappen.

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