Career perspectives Research Master in Individual Differences and Assessment

Stepping stone to a scientific career

The research Master in Individual Differences and Assessment is a good preparation if you aspire a career in science. With a diploma of this master, your career prospects are excellent:

  • The Research Center "Education and Labor Market" follows up Dutch students after they finish their education and has found that 94% of former students of researcher masters find a job within 1.5 years (source:
  • A recent report from the Dutch government (Peaks in Sight, p. 9) found that more than half of the alumni of research masters secures a job as a PhD student.

You can also work in applied settings, focusing on work and health

The research master also prepares students for research functions in more applied settings. This nicely dovetails the motto of Tilburg University, "Advancing Society". The master focuses on the domains of health and work. These domains perfectly align with the priorities of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and are highly socially relevant:

  • For example, in the domain of work, researchers have discovered job crafting: the process by which the work context is adapted to the strengths and interests of the individual worker.
  • In the domain of health, there is an increased realization that personalized medicine is key to cost effectiveness and patient satisfaction: this refers to using individual factors to establish which treatment is most effective for the patient.

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