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Information Technology for Enterprise Management (ITEM)

Bridge the gap between IT, strategic needs and daily business operations in an international double degree program that gives you two full master's degrees: one from Tilburg University and one from Turku University (Finland). Extra attention is paid to change management that goes with new technology and processes, which is often important for the success of IT projects.

The ITEM Double Degree is a program from the MSc Information Management. The program starts at the end of January.

Why Information Technology for Enterprise Management?

  • Help international organizations set up, optimize, and manage information systems and IT processes to meet their strategic and operational needs. Understand the logic and effectiveness of important business applications and frameworks such as ERP, eBusiness, Knowledge Management, MIS and eCompetence.
  • This double degree program pays extra attention to change management associated with new technology and processes, which are crucial for the success of IT projects.
  • International experience, in one and a half years you will receive two master's degrees from two major universities in the field of Business and Economics. Study for half a year in Tilburg and half a year in Turku, where the study associations are exceptionally active.
  • During your thesis process, the program facilitates an internship in international business, with intensive guidance from teachers from both universities.

Program and courses

  • This training comprises 120 ECTS, spread over three semesters: 1.5 years in total.
  • You start in Tilburg in February and move to Turku in January of the following year until the end of April.
  • From May to August, you write your Master's thesis, preferably in combination with an international internship, with which you complete the program. This way your career starts super fast.
Master’s thesis / Company internship

Please Note: programs are subject to change. We advise you to look up the current program in OSIRIS Student at the start of the year.

Overview ITEM

Application and admission

Application procedure

1. Apply for the spring semester of the MSc Information Management in Tilburg

2. Selection procedure

  • During the first semester, the ITEM selection committee invites all interested students for a selection interview.
  • Based on the results of this interview and your study results in the MSc Information Management, we select a maximum of 20 students to participate in the Double Degree program at the University of Turku in Finland.
  • Bear in mind that you must have at least 30 ECTS before you can start with the Turku part of the ITEM program.

Pre-Master's program:

There is no specific pre-master's program for Information Technology for Enterprise Management. You can do the pre-masters in Information Management and then register for the selection of the double degree program.

More information

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