Master's students at their graduation ceremony

Tuition fees ITEM

Below you'll find the tuition fees for the Information Technology for Enterprise Management Master (ITEM).

Tuition fees ITEM program

The tuition fees for the ITEM program are set each year. The yearly tuition fees for ITEM cohort 7, to start in Academic Years 2022/2023 are:

  • € 2,209 per academic year for EU/EEA-students
    In addition to the regular tuition fee payment, EU/EEA students are required to pay a one-off administrative fee of €1,150.
  • € 14,900 per academic year non-EU/EEA students

Please note:

  • Tuition fee payments are non-refundable if a student has to leave the program before graduation.
  • The tuition fee for EU/EEA students covers the tuition fees required by Tilburg University. This fee does not include any fee for studies at University of Turku, as Finnish universities do not collect tuition fees from EU/EEA students.
  • The tuition fee for Non-EU/EEA covers the tuition required for international student for both universities.