Program International Law and Human Rights

Program structure

The master International Law and Human Rights comprises a minimum of 60 ECTS:

  • 2 compulsory courses (12 ECTS)
  • 5 required courses (30 ECTS)
  • 1 elective (6 ECTS) (You can choose another course within or outside our department)
  • Master's thesis (12 ECTS)

If you are a current student in this Master’s program, then please check the exact requirements in the Teaching and Examinations Regulations! 

Compulsory courses (both courses must be completed)

Please be aware that the course information is subject to change.

Fall semester (September - December)

Required courses (choose 5)

Please be aware that the course information is subject to change.

You will have 30 ECTS (5 courses) to spend on required courses.

  • All Pillars must be covered: you must take at least one 6-credit course in each of the 3 pillars (18 credits total). You may focus 12 or 18 credits (2 or 3 courses) in any pillar, where you may obtain a singular specialization in one pillar (3 required courses in one pillar) or a double specialization across two pillars (2 courses in each pillar)
  • Plus 6 ECTS elective (1 course) spent on either a further elective course, a pre-approved elective course, or, with permission, a course in another department.

(1) International Law and International Relations

  • History and Theory of International Law
  • Global Trade and Development Law
  • Strategic Litigation: International Adjudication and Arbitration
  • International Security in Historical Perspective

(2) Human Rights and Human Security

  • Human Rights, Globalization and the Role of the Individual in International Law

  • Human Rights and Business

  • International Criminal Law

  • Legal Protection of Migrants, Refugees and Minorities

(3) Global Sustainability and Environmental Law

  • International and EU Environmental Law
  • Climate Change Law
  • The Role of law in protecting biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Law, Technology, and the Environment

Master's thesis (12 ECTS)

The main objective of the Master's thesis is the production of a fully-fledged thesis on a particular topic. This entails a number of research and writing tasks and also includes the oral defence of the thesis after it is finalized.

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