Student Suzanne Krop

Student International Management Suzanne Krop
  • Date of birth: July 9, 1990
  • Nationality: Dutch

What is your current job?

I started my career as Service Manager at Telfort. Since the duration of the Young Talent Program is 3 years, I will switch jobs in 1,5 years. There is also a lot of space for your personal development in the KPN Young Talent Program, which is great. I love my first function as Service Manager: I learn a lot, need to communicate with many departments (so I meet many people), and my work is very interesting. I help optimizing different customer processes in order to increase customer satisfaction and information traffic relative to customer experience. So the changes I implement are immediately noticeable and have an effect on almost every department at Telfort, which is great because I am quite result oriented! I love the organization (culture) and market it is in, so I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

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How do you use the knowledge gained at Tilburg University in your job?

You have the responsibility to make sure you will reach your deadlines: If you do this at home, or at another location, that’s fine. And since I am working on different projects, I constantly need to communicate with different departments, plan and prioritize. Quite some similarities I would say. Taking your responsibility, meeting your deadlines and working in teams. These aspects are very similar to the way I needed to work at the University.

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Did you participate in extracurricular activities and if so, how did this contribute to your personal development?

Yes I did. I was a member of Food for Thought – Asset, the Sounding Board and Education Committee. It definitely helped me with multitasking: You need to fulfill different roles, not just the student role, and that requires empathizing with different perspectives. Furthermore, you will learn how to stand up for yourself when you have no time to fulfill some tasks because you need to be a student for some weeks (always priority number one).

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Do you have any advice for current students?

Become active! You will not only feel more at home when being at the University, it will also help you with your grades and your resume. You get to know teachers, the university and fellow students in a different way. The University campus isn’t that big and everything is nearby, so it is easy to do something besides your studies. Great when you need to have a coffee buddy when studying at the library. ;) And yes, you will spend a lot of time in the library during your master’s. It will be your second home, especially during exams. I was present during almost every lecture, since I was already on the university campus with friends and knew my way around, so it helped with my grades as well. It doesn’t have to take that much time, that’s up to you!

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